My bedtime routine once consisted of watching The Daily Show, followed by The Colbert Report all while secretly playing a “who can stay up the longest” game between my husband and I. I would usually lose by the way.  I had no problem staying up till 1 am having to wake up the next day and be at work for 8.

Fast forward 8 years, we have 3 kids under the age of 5, The Daily Show has a new host and Colbert has moved on to The Late Show (which airs even later than The Colbert Report once did). Thank goodness for the PVR,  without it I would be lost.

Even with the PVR, who has time to watch all the shows.  As I sit here I have no idea what is happening on Grey’s Anatomy (don’t fill me in, it’s on the pvr lol) or on The Good Wife.  As for the Daily Show, well haven’t watched that in almost 3 months.  I have a year full of PVR stuff to watch. Everyday I hope to watch one pvr’d show after I put the kids to bed.  Will this day ever come?

Bedtime is always a struggle. Getting 3 kids bathed or showered depending on how much time we have, dressing them, homework, story telling and nursing my youngest takes half my night. The other half is left for cleaning up after their mess (or the tornado left behind after my husband cooks), doing dishes, laundry and other random chores.
My night was once my own,  my time. That is not the case anymore.
As for the PVR, when they are all finally asleep, after the hundredth “I need water”, then “I need to pee” runs, I turn the PVR on and in 10 minutes…I fall asleep.

To all those people without kids but plan to have some I say enjoy “your time” while it lasts because once you have them your nights and everything else that you believe to be yours is yours no longer.

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