Let there be change?!?!


As defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary the simple definition of Change is,
: to become different
: to make (someone or something) different
: to become something else

Well this past month has been exactly that.   Everyday some “change” has occurred.   Not only in me but in others as well.  
We all handle change differently and it was apparent in my workplace.  Some cry,  some yell,  some are frustrated while others are silent and some are all of the above. Others may gather together to share there feelings, to express their anger, frustration or sadness while others keep to themselves, avoid interaction with others since they are figuring out how to cope. Relationships can grow, becoming stronger while others face a tension that they have never been exposed to before, leading them to inevitably break down.
As you may or may not know,  the division of my company was acquired and we were told several weeks ago.
Since we were told,  going to work felt like going to a funeral except I would show up but the body of the person I was mourning was never there.  
This past Friday the body showed up, we said our goodbyes. 
We wished coworkers luck,  said that we will keep in touch and made sure we exchanged personal numbers and social media account information.   We were a family.   One that has been divided and not by choice.  We were forced to change.
With change come new beginnings, fresh starts.   Maybe it didn’t happen the way we wanted it to happen.  Maybe it could have happened differently but it happened.  Those that will not move to the new company will survive,  those that move to the new company will survive.   Sure maybe it’s not what we expected,  maybe it’s not the path we would have taken but as the saying goes,  “it is what it is so make the most of it”.
All of this was beyond my control,  my fate, staying with my colleagues or not was out of my hands.  I could not do anything about it.
So I say let one door close, another one open. I am ready and I hope you are too.

Until next time,



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