“It becomes easy to turn in on ourselves. And we know from history that it’s much more important to turn outwards, and to draw out the best in each other.” — Justin Trudeau

Change no matter imposed by others or self imposed is hard to deal with.   The struggle is real.

Around the same time last year big changes occurred at work.   A lot of good people lost their jobs,  changes were made in how day to day activities were run.   Yes,  I was on maternity leave than but was kept up to date by friends at work.   They knew they could count on me to be someone who would listen and give advise if needed.   I was more than happy to be that person and I still am.
Three weeks ago,  we were told of a large change that will be taking place at my work.   Our division had been sold, leaving all our fates uncertain.   Yet again for the 2nd time in a little over a year big change will occur and I hope to be the same good listen and advise giver as last time.
The struggle that I faced last time was that I wasn’t there,  I wasn’t with my team.   Yes, I was on the phone and available to help and listen at anytime but I wasn’t there.   Now I am.   I will be strong,  I will be that ear,  the person that listens,  the advice giver (whenever needed) and the coffee buyer.   Despite our fate we are a team,  we are a family and we will help each other get through this.
As I said in our little huddle after the news was given to us, our job is stressful,  we don’t always want to show up for work the next day but we do.   We do because of our work family,  we do because of our clients.   They need us.   We are the people that can help them.   Mrs. Smith can’t get from her bathroom to her kitchen without our help.   This is what we need to remember.   This is why,  whatever happens,  whatever awaits us or not at this new company it cannot interfere with the job that we have at hand.   I will not let it.   Mrs Smith will have my help for as long as I can give it.
As I told one tech who looked at me like it was the end of the world before I told him what happened.   We will be OK but change is coming.

Change by choice or imposed on you is always difficult to deal with but we do.   It takes time,  there will be loss,  there will be struggles but in the end it will work out.   It always does.   Look to the end of the tunnel,  there will always be light, unless it’s night time in which case you have to give it a couple hours…but eventually there will be light 🙂

Until next time.



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