Where has the time gone?


I can tell you one thing for sure, time has flown by since having kids.  Before having children I could take it easy, do what I wanted whenever I wanted.  When the kids came along I wasn’t in charge of creating the schedule anymore. If I wanted to do something at a certain time something was bound to come up that was beyond my control. 

Take going grocery shopping for example.  Easy, right?  Simple?  Sure you say to yourself, in an hour or so I’m going to go out to get a few things.  Before kids, no problem at all, after kids who are you kidding.  Going anywhere even to go get milk takes planning and the need to pack a thousand things with you in the car.  Gone are the days when all I needed to bring with me was my wallet, cell phone, keys and purse.  Now it takes me half an hour just to pack everything the kids need. 

I will give you an example of this, to name just a few things,

Diaper bag or suit case (whatever will hold everything)
Change of clothing for each child just in case
Sippy cup with some sort of drink in it (or be prepared for i’m thirsty over and over)
Snack (yes even just to go get milk)
Stroller or shopping cart cover thing (you put it in the sitting area of the shopping cart it’s clean so no worry about baby eating the cart and it has toys attached that won’t get thrown overboard)
Extra toys
Potty seat
Cell phone

So yes half an hour plus, spent putting this all together and triple checking that you have everything.

Making sure the kids are dressed and ready to go out, add 10 minutes per child and hope for no tantrums.  If a tantrum does occur hope it doesn’t spread to the other kids. 
Your not done yet, then comes putting the kids in the car and in their car seats.

All of this and you are ready to go out. 
So in the end, it takes an hour of planning and getting ready just to go to the store to get milk.

I think I just figured out why time is going by so fast.

Until next time.


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