Expectation changes after having children

*You won’t have a clean house.
*Dusting will only be done for special occasions.
*You will always have laundry to do.
*Don’t plan on buying any new furniture unless you want to see it destroyed soon after it gets in the front door.
*No matter how much you clean you will always find playdoh or legos around the house.
*Your weekends are no longer yours.
*You will never have spontaneous sex again in fear of a little person seeing you do the nasty (they can be quiet when they want to be).
*You will never have a quiet house again,  unless you are playing the “first to talk looses” game and even that doesn’t last long.
*You will always have dirty dishes.
*The toys will never go away,  ever.
*Plan on spending much more on groceries.
*Someone will always be pulling on your leg asking for something.
*There’s always something to mop up.
*You gain yet another job… On call doctor and nurse.
*Say goodbye to your small compact,  gas friendly car and hello to a Minivan.
*You know that relaxing time after you finish a long day at work and get home to find yourself having to do nothing but relax… Kiss it goodbye!   This no longer exists.
*Someone is always screaming “mom look at me”.
*If you have pop in the house consider it gone.
*You will never open a bathroom,  cabinet or any other door normally again (everything is baby proof).
*You are now forever known as mom, mommy, ma or dad, daddy for the rest of your life. Consider it a name change without all the paperwork.

Seeing your kids doing something for the first time, priceless.

Until next time.


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