Packing up clothing; it’s different this time

It’s a sad day when you have to pack up your baby’s 0-3 month newborn clothing.  I completed this task a few weeks ago.   Along with packing up the clothing I couldn’t help but shed a couple of tears.   Of course by a couple I mean enough to fill up a small baby pool.
With the other 2 kids I was hopeful that I would one day take these cloths out again.  This time it’s harder.   With Alexander and Sophia I knew when packing everything it was not the last time that the clothing or toys would see the light.   But this time,  with Marcus it’s different.
This time I packed the clothing away not knowing when they will see the light of day again.   Will I give them to family members who have babies?   Will I donate them?  Will I sell them?  Will I create a keepsake with them?
What will I do with the toys?  The swing will go away as soon as Marcus starts sitting up by himself.   The swing that has rocked all my babies.   The swing that has not only calmed them down but me as well.   The thought of this day coming,  and it will soon be here,  brings tears to my eyes.
Johnny and I are not planning to have any more children.   In my mind I want to see our kids grow up.   I want to see them make friends,  go to school, have fun and reach all the other milestones that come with becoming their own people.  I don’t see us having another baby.
So the clothing,  the toys and everything else that babies need will be packed up,  hid away and put out of sight.
I don’t know when the day will come that I am able to part with all the newborn baby stuff.   I do know, that it won’t be anytime soon.
I suppose this is just another struggle that mom’s have.   I am sure I will get over it as well as the feeling of not having another baby in the house.

For now I will continue to savour every waking moment I have with my kids, try to keep my emotions in check and just watch,  watch them grown up.

Until next time.


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