Why it’s cool being a mom!

In the little time I have been a mom I have learnt so much.   I have been taught by friends,  family and complete strangers the ins and outs of parenthood.   I however have and will continue to do my own thing. I listen and appreciate all the advice and hints.   Most times I end up trying out the information given to me.   Other times…well the information given, despite the good intention is outdated.

Like any good parent, I will listen and in the end always trust my instinct.

Here is a list of what I have done and learned as a mom thus far and why being a mom is the coolest thing in the world…

  • I grew a little person (well 3 little people)
  • I nourished and fed these little people while they lived in my belly.
  • I loved them even before I saw them.
  • Even before I touched them.
  • Despite them causing me pain,  nausea,  worry,  changing my body forever,  to name just a few,  I love them.
  • I will forever love them.
  • I delivered them.
  • I am there to watch all their milestones.
  • From crawling to walking to eating solids to pooping in the potty….I am there.
  • I care for them, I am a on call emergency nurse.
  • I would do anything for them.
  • They are dependent on me.
  • I taught and will forever teach them.  I am a teacher.
  • They look up to me. I am their person (for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans).
  • And there are so many more things to mention, with every new day comes a new thing learnt/taught.
  • I am their MOM.

They teach me. They love me. They will forever and always be my babies,  no matter what the world throws at me.

I love them unconditionally.

Until next time…


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