I never thought…

Having kids changes you.  You hear this everywhere but I never thought MY bedtime would change. 
When we had Alexander,  Johnny and I were sleeping at our usual time around 11:30pm.  We would stay up and watch Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show,  there would even be some nights we were able to watch The Colbert Report.  
Well that was short lived,  when Sophia came along,  our new bedtime became 10pm.  To get our daily fix of these addicting yet late night shows we relied upon our pvr. 
Another hit to our nightly routine came this year when Alexander started school.   We started packing up the kids for bed around 8:30.  With a routine of homework,  showers and bed,  and not always in that order.  With the birth of Marcus,  we now start bedtime at 8pm with the hope of having the kids in bed and somewhat asleep by 9pm.
Bedtime is always hectic.  Rushing the kids off to bed.   Making sure the house is semi clean, having homework done and in Alexander’s backpack, and did I mention making sure the kids stay in bed.   All last minute potty time,  drinks and of course the one last story are all complete, no more excuses for the kids to get out of bed.
By this time it is 9pm (hopefully) to be honest it is more like 9:30.   Johnny and I now solely rely on our pvr for The Daily Show.   Most weeks we find ourselves binge watching it Saturday or Sunday morning.
So what is the moral of the story you ask?   Having kids changes you and your bedtime.   Oh and the more you have the earlier your bedtime will be. 🙂

Until next time…


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