What holds a family together? Is it a relationship, a person, or dare I say a place. Maybe it is all of the above.

In my family, I can say it is one central person, my grandmother. Nana has pulled us all together even when we didn’t want to be. She has instilled in us the need to lean on each other, to rely on each other. When my cousin died unexpectedly what happened? Well all of us didn’t go our separate ways, we didn’t stay at our respective homes and morn our lose. No, we got together at my aunts house. We talked, helped each other grieve as best we could, we cried…we supported each other.
My family is one that gets together for all those normal holidays and we’ll for just about any reason. We will get together for no real reason even if we just saw each other two weekends ago.
Don’t misunderstand, my family is not small. It’s not easy to get everyone together. All my cousins are growing up (I am the oldest) and are doing their own thing. My mom has two brothers and one sister. Each of whom have their respective spouse and 2 children each. We are so lucky that I even have a bonus aunt. My uncle is divorced but his ex wife is still my aunt (both have since remarried) and she will forever remain that way, she and her husband attend almost every family gathering. To be honest if it wasn’t this way we would be missing a member of our family. All of this is because of my Nana.
At Christmas we still have the traditional sit down meal. With over 25 people this can be a bit trying. My aunts and uncles have extra tables that they set up in the dining room so all of us will have a seat at the table. At every gathering we are loud, out of control and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Nana is the glue that holds us together. As we get older, the glue has spread from holding our aunts and uncles together to holding us cousins together.
Thank you Nana. I wouldn’t change a thing about our family.

Until next time…


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