So I am a little late…k

Well having 3 kids has been a challenge.  Being able to manage 2 was easy enough while 3 is a whole new world.  No one who has 3 kids warned me about this, so I am little late in posting this.  Keep in mind they are all 2 years apart which I guess is a game changer???

What has worked for me so far you ask…well it is having a great mother and father in law.  They have come over every weekday to help me with the kids.  In the morning they bring Alexander to school and in the afternoon they pick him up and then they go home.  During the day my mother in law allows me to keep my sanity by giving me the opportunity and sometimes guilting me (like any good mom) into having a nap myself.  Having their support also allows me to go out during the day to get groceries and other necessities.  Well, who am I kidding sometimes I go out just for some alone time and choose places like Costco where I end up sending $200.00 a trip 🙂

Marcus (our newest addition) is keeping me busy with feedings every 2 hours or so.  As I have with my other children, Marcus is exclusively breastfed and has yet to be bottle fed.  I have to keep this in mind during my outings.  If I know I will be longer then the 2 hour window I will take him with me (this has yet to happen).  During the first week home with Marcus, my milk supply was high so I turned my my good old friend, my Avent breast pump (which I bought in 2010 for Alexander).  I ended up pumping several bags and froze them right away for those “just in case I am late and he needs to eat” moments.  So if there is ever an emergency, I am out longer than I expect or I am out with friends…I don’t have to worry about Marcus starving and feel bad for not being home.

What has saved me during my late night feedings is watching #cravetv on my tablet in Marcus’ room.  Crave tv is very similar to Netflix however it only has tv shows and yes it includes HBO.  It is only $4.00 a month and allows you to binge watch tv shows.  Any guesses as to what I have been watching?  If you guessed Sex and the City you are correct.  The show keeps me awake so I can feed Marcus and gives me something to look forward to when waking up at all hours of the night.  It has also allowed me to gauge the amount of time I am awake feeding him at night by the amount of episodes that I get through.  Unlike looking at the time, I don’t forget the number of episodes I watch on any given night (btw last night it was 4).

As for tomorrow I am going to a Bravado maternity bra fitting.  I have signed up online to be part of their “test-wearer” program with each of my kids.  Each time you are selected and attend you get a free nursing bra.  If you live in Toronto and are expecting I recommend signing up (the bras are expensive but well worth the money).  I have purchased 3 bras and have been given 2 as part of the program (one in 2010 and one in 2012, both have been “the Bliss” nursing bras).  They are the best, most supportive and comfortable nursing bras that I have and even after I was done nursing added them to my rotation of regular bras.  Check out the website at  Additionally I have found that once my milk supply regulates there washable nursing pads are the best!!

I am a real mom, and have purchased all the products that I have and will recommend myself or in the case of the test wearer program was given 2 bras.

Thank you for reading, see you next week 🙂


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